1. How does HANG ART find the artists who show their work in the gallery? 6. Can art purchased at HANG ART be delivered locally or shipped out-of-town?
2. How does HANG ART determine their prices? 7. How much of HANG ART's inventory is found on the www.hangart.com Web site?
3. Does HANG ART recommend purchasing art as an investment? 8. What is the process for purchasing from the www.hangart.com Web site?
4. Does HANG ART offer framing? 9. What are the advantages to renting art from HANG ART?
5. Does HANG ART offer prints or photography?
1. How does HANG ART find the artists who show their work in the gallery?

We currently show the work of more than forty San Francisco Bay Area artists and are constantly adding new artists, so we can offer a broad and fresh collection of fine art. Our director and art consultants regularly review the work of artists who submit portfolios to HANG ART, in addition to going out in the community to discover artists whose paintings, sculpture and other original artwork might otherwise not be available in galleries.

2. How does HANG ART determine their prices?

Our goal is to offer the lowest possible prices while still appropriately valuing the quality of each artwork. We can offer relatively low prices on high quality art because we make great efforts to find under-exposed artists who have not yet built the extensive collector base. In setting individual prices, we begin by considering the degree of exposure and demand the artist brings with them to HANG ART and the prices at which an artist has sold work in the past. This is our best indication of how collectors already value the work. Because each work of art is unique, assigning a price to a particular piece is a delicate task. However, as with most products, the cost of time and materials are loosely reflected in our prices. For example, all other things being equal, oils are generally more expensive than acrylic, canvas more expensive than paper, frames add to the cost, larger works tend to be more expensive than smaller works, etc. We also take into consideration the prices of comparable work currently exhibited at HANG ART or at other venues.

HANG ART does not participate in the fairly routine practice of negotiating prices. Many galleries increase their prices slightly in order to maintain their margin after a reduced price has been negotiated. We take a different approach because our objective is to make the purchase of art as easy and straightforward as possible. Skipping the negotiation process simplifies the purchase for our customers and allows us to keep our prices as low as possible, so everyone benefits—not just those customers who might attempt to negotiate a reduced price.

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3. Does HANG ART recommend purchasing art as an investment?

Although many collectors enjoy purchasing art as an investment, we advocate buying art solely for the enjoyment you get from the work. The art at HANG ART is not selected for its investment potential but for its overall quality, craftsmanship, and interest value. Even if an artist is successful and prices of their artwork increases, the "investment" is only as good as the secondary market is liquid. For example, if you buy an artist's work at $1000 and the price of subsequent works increases to $10,000, you only realize the appreciation if you can find a buyer for the particular work you own.

HANG ART's artists generally do increase prices for their artwork as their careers advance and as there is more demand for their work. Many receive prestigious residencies and awards as well as recognition nationally and internationally. Still, there are no guarantees that a strong secondary market will develop for any emerging artist at HANG ART or any other gallery. We hope our collectors purchase art at HANG ART as a personal investment—because it moves them on an aesthetic, emotional, or intellectual level

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4. Does HANG ART offer framing?

Though we do not offer framing at HANG ART, we can recommend excellent local retail framers who do excellent work. We rarely frame works on canvas, preferring the simple, clean look of the canvas edges. Leaving works unframed also allows us to keep the prices low and gives customers the option to choose the framing approach they most prefer without paying for a style that does not suit their tastes. We frame works on paper using hand-finished, top quality moldings in a simple, clean, consistent manner that does not compete with the art for the viewer's attention.

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5. Does HANG ART offer prints or photography?

Currently HANG ART does not offer prints or photography. Though all of us at HANG ART enjoy and respect these media immensely, our objective is to offer works of art that tend to be less accessible to the emerging collector. Fine quality prints and photography can be found at many superb local galleries, so there is less opportunity for HANG ART to distinguish itself with these products. Fresh, interesting, high quality paintings, drawings, and sculpture, however, are more difficult to find at affordable prices so we have chosen to concentrate in these media.

6. Can art purchased at HANG ART be delivered locally or shipped out-of-town?

Of course! Local delivery can be arranged with one of several art delivery / installation experts that HANG ART works with regularly and can recommend with complete confidence. Artworks shipped out-of-town are sent well packed and fully insured by ground or air freight. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser, and although HANG ART offers a thirty-day return policy, we cannot refund your shipping costs as these are paid to a third party for services actually rendered.

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7. How much of HANG ART's inventory is found on the hangart.com Web site?

We strive to include every work of art in our inventory on the hangart.com Web site. Automatic updates about the availability of each work of art are made from our database every few hours, so you can rely on hangart.com to alert you to new work as it is consigned to HANG ART.

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8. What is the process for purchasing from the hangart.com Web site?

When you submit an online order on hangart.com, your credit card is not immediately charged. One of our art consultants receives your order and holds the work(s) of art for you while obtaining a shipping quote from one of our shipping vendors. The art consultant will call you to inform you of the shipping costs and will charge your credit card after discussing shipping arrangements with you. Because several hours pass between each Web site update from our art inventory database, there is a very small chance that a work of art you are interested in will have sold, in the gallery, in the hour or two before you submitted your order. If you are shopping online while the gallery is open (M-Sa 10am-6pm, Su noon-5pm PT), you are always welcome to call one of our art consultants and make the purchase over the phone. Our phone number is 415 434 4264.

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9. What are the advantages to renting art from HANG ART?

At HANG ART, we want to be certain our clients love the art they select. Renting from HANG ART lets our customers live with a painting or sculpture and be certain they love it before making the commitment to purchase it. Our rental program works equally well for those who like change and wish to refresh their surroundings periodically.

Original paintings and sculpture provide a sophisticated finishing touch for workplaces as well as homes. Renting art allows our business and institutional clients to enhance their offices with fine artwork from artists within their community. And fees paid to rent work can be deducted as operating expenses. In addition to the assistance we provide in the gallery, we offer an on-site consulting services designed to help you find art for your workplace.

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