What is HANG ART?

HANG ART is fresh art. We scour the San Francisco Bay Area to find exceptional artists—giving you access to a wide variety of the best quality original artwork being produced today. Whether you like abstract art or landscapes—painting or sculpture—art for your home or for a business space, you'll find a large selection of fine art on the hangart.com Web site or at our gallery in the Union Square area of San Francisco—whether on display or in our inventory room.

HANG ART is also the place for exceptional service. Our relaxed and friendly galleries are in the Union Square area of San Francisco, and we are open seven days a week. We encourage browsing, questions and conversation about our artists and art. If you are viewing art on this Web site, feel free to call us to discuss any artist or artwork.

We want more people to enjoy the unique experience of collecting fine art, so we strive to make art collecting as straightforward as possible. In addition to posting prices and information about the artists next to the art on display, we do not engage in price negotiation since that creates an awkward experience for clients and forces prices higher to accommodate the "discounts". We also offer a rental program that allows local clients to either evaluate a piece before purchasing or simply refresh their surroundings by rotating their art.

There is no possession quite so personal and gratifying as a work of art. We are confident that you will enjoy the art at HANG ART as well as the process of acquiring it. Click the "Art/Artists" button on the menu above to start browsing our collection and find the art you love!