Online Exhibitions
Drawing: The Description of an Idea
An online group exhibition

Drawing: The Description Of An Idea Drawing as we know it can be simply defined as leaving a visible mark. It is the most natural and efficient means of communication, always with the goal to faithfully represent our ideas. The invention of photography led to a shift in the use of drawing in the arts, taking over as a more superior method for accurately representing the visual world. Artists therefore began to abandon traditional drawing practices for an imaginative originality, accuracy no longer being a critical goal. In Jeff Loehmann's works on paper we see his application of heating metal to imprint on the page as a way to blaze marks through the surface, making us aware of the fragility of his materials. Loehmann's approach to mark making, untraditional, experimental and temporal forwards the conversation on the way we think about drawing today. Pouké Halpern uses drawing in her paintings to describe multiple vantage points, keeping our eye continuously moving. She shows us,generously, the physical process of building intentions. Jenny Balisle makes three dimensional works that are about the lyricism of drawing. Contour lines actualized in acrylic describe a whimsy and structure that speaks about the inception of ideas, a processing of a consciousness realized. Chris Ehlers' journalistic unaffected style of drawing into her paintings gives us glimpses into her personal philosophy on western culture. Meditative and humorous, her works are diary entries from an observer who is profoundly interested in the systems that we have created and wonders at how we created them.
Reliquary: Jennifer Damas | David Regan
An online exhibition

Both David Regan and Jennifer Damas make explorations into abstract mark making, interior sensation, and oppositional relationships that forward an emotional experience. Their work intersects between the reality of the painterly surface and an implied psychological interior, resulting in concepts of the sublime. These works thoughtfully push every element; composition, surface and application of materials. Deeply interested in excavation, digging deep, Regan and Damas search for explanation and meaning. We,as viewers are made aware that new truths can be revealed through the actions of concentration and preservation.
An Online Group Exhibition

Spring is here and Hang Art is feeling its creative energy! These selected works inspire and reflect growth, with activated, colourful applications that explore landscape, still life, and the individual spirit. This time of year reminds us of the expansive nature of all things in bloom, touching us with delicate elegance.