Online Exhibitions
Hang Art's Online Summer Group Show

Our new online Summer Exhibition highlights selected works by Gallery artists. Within these paintings and drawings, we experience the glow that comes from crackling heat, peripheral vistas from the park and the joyfulness of the contour line of a summer day. Whether it be palette, subject matter, speed or temperature, these works reveal a lighthearted take on art making that is full of visual pleasure.
The Hard Line
Considering Geometry in Abstract Painting

Since the beginning of the 20th century, geometrical abstraction emerged in this country as a new style that derived from Europe’s Cubist period. Flat, synthesized shapes and imagined spaces characterize this relatively new movement in painting. Gallery artists; Lisa Kairos, Peter Dimick, Liz Hancock, and Dave Warnke devote their practices to this form, finding new ways to speak about contemporary concerns within the framework of this historical approach.