In-Gallery Exhibitions
             In the Inbetween
An online exhibition

The ideas of the horizon or illusion of the topographical landscape are apparent in this online exhibition of abstracts. Lush colors and diverse textures drive this collection.
             Little Boxes: Peter Dimick | Catherine Palmer
Exhibition Dates: October 1 - 15

The urban and suburban environments cannot exist without one another, and are in regular conversation (and contrast) with each other. A similar push and pull exists between representational and abstract painting. “Little Boxes” examines the similarities between these apparent opposites, rather than the differences. For Peter Dimick and Catherine Palmer, geometry is crucial to filling the white space of a canvas. Both artists observe the surroundings of the San Francisco Bay Area, weaving compositions of color and light together into paintings that are distinctly different, but also magically similar. Palmer takes daily walks in the morning and afternoon, photographing her beloved explorations. The shapes, color and light of these moments are always fleeting. Like a historian, Palmer attempts to record and re-record her changing landscape in paint. The barrage of photographs show changing vistas, and present new visual challenges; views become obstructed or altered to create new compositional observations. Dimick laces together scraps of canvas and patches of colors to compose intricate quilt-like mosaics. His geometric swaths link together as if in a game of Tetris, or the spiritual patterning of a mandala. Since we first debuted Dimick’s gestural abstract figurative paintings, he has increasingly turned towards geometric abstractions. Referencing aerial views of an urban landscape, his composites conceal a matrix of figures in a surrounding diversity of architecture and layered colors. Join us in thinking outside the box.