In-Gallery Exhibitions
             In the Inbetween
An online exhibition

The ideas of the horizon or illusion of the topographical landscape are apparent in this online exhibition of abstracts. Lush colors and diverse textures drive this collection.
             Vestiges: Jennifer Damas | Jeff Loehmann
Exhibition Dates: September 1 - 15, 2014

Nothing exists without leaving a trace, whether it is the smoke residue from a fire, the rusting of metal, or the discoloration of exposed surfaces. An attention to mark-making as record-keeping is at the core of Jennifer Damas’ and Jeff Loehmann’s art practices. Damas revels in the inevitable deterioration of time as she devotedly paints the rust accrued on a metal lamp orthe peeling of paint on a car. Loehmann introduces heated hand-made objects to heavyweight paper. Heat escapes, dancing across the paper in flares and swirls; the branded paper bears witness to this elemental exchange of energy. Revel in the fragility of a frozen moment with us this September.