How to use the site
HANG ART's inventory of original work changes constantly, so our galleries and Web site rarely look the same from one day to the next. To make your search for art easier, we've added features that help you store search criteria, receive notification when we consign work you might like, keep a virtual collection, and even get second opinions from someone you trust. Here's how our personalization features work:

Before using the personalization features of the site, you must sign up with your e-mail address and a password. If you've asked a HANG ART staff member to sign you up for our e-mail Updates, you will have been assigned a temporary password, which you may change once you have logged in.

E-mail Updates
If you've elected to receive our e-mailed HANG ART Updates, you'll receive about two messages a month with details of our upcoming exhibits, special events, and new features on You can opt-out of receiving HANG ART Updates and still maintain your site registration and use of all of the following features.

My Galleries
You can create multiple personal galleries, containing artworks of your choice. Once you've created a gallery, you can rename it, edit the contents, or delete it. You can also e-mail the images to others.

My Saved Searches
Whenever you use the Advanced Search feature, you will see an option to "Save this Search". You can save your search criteria before conducting the search or after. Your saved searches are stored in the My Saved Searches section. Saved searches can be updated or deleted. For each saved search, you have the option to receive e-mails when we receive new artwork that matches your search criteria.

Logging Out
Once you've logged in to the site there are two ways of logging out. One is automatic and one is manual. If you are not using the site for a few hours you may be logged out automatically. To log out manually click on "Log Out" in the upper right hand corner of the top of any page.

Buy It!
When you're ready to purchase art from HANG ART, enter your credit card information in the designated section. Because we sell one-of-a-kind works, we will not charge your card until we have confirmed the availability of the work you wish to purchase and have spoken with you to arrange shipment or pick-up. If you're purchasing gift certificates, your account will be charged as soon as we process your order.

If you have other questions, please contact us at or call HANG ART at 415 434 4264. We will be happy to assist you.